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discord-forums is a lightweight, powerfull npm package that lets you make a forums channel for your server where members can discuss questions and ideas.


  • This package is built with Discord.js v14.9.0 (not tested on v13)
  • If you need help feel free to join our discord server to talk and get help.
  • If you encounter any of issues fell free to open an issue in our github repository.

📁 | Download & Update

You can download the package from npm:

npm install discord-forums

You can update to a newer version to receive updates using npm:

npm update discord-forums

📰 | Changelog

  • 9 April, 2023 (v2.0.1) - Added Exampes in /examples
  • 8 April, 2023 (v2.0.0) - Removed all previous methods. Added setupForums, createPost, and deletePost.
  • 8 April, 2023 (v2.0.0) - Switched to Discord's ForumChannel.
  • 8 July, 2022 (v1.2.0) - Added createForum and deleteForum methods.
  • 8 July, 2022 (v1.0.0) - Grand Launch.

| Quick Example

// Import the package to access it's methods.
const Forums = require("discord-forums");

// Create the Forums channel.
const myForums = Forums.setupForums(guild, "355897081333940227", "My Forums", [...]);

// Create a new post in your forums channel.
Forums.createPost(myForums, "My Post", "This is my first post!");

| Setting Up

First things first, download the package.

npm install discord-forums@latest

then, include the module into your project.

const Forums = require("discord-forums");

🔧 | Methods

setupForums - Creates a new forums channel.

Forums.setupForums(<Discord.Guild>, <Discord.CategoryChannelResolvable|Discord.Snowflake>, <String>, <Array<Discord.OverwriteResolvable>>);

Returns: Promise<Discord.ForumChannel>

createPost - Creates a new post in a specific forum channel.

Forums.createPost(<Discord.ForumChannel>, <String>, <String>);

Returns: Promise<Discord.ThreadChannel>

deletePost - Deletes a forum post in a specific guild.

Forums.deletePost(<Discord.Guild>, <Discord.Snowflake>, <String>);

Returns: Promise<Discord.ThreadChannel>

📝 | Examples

Examples can be found in /examples


Have fun and happy discussions! Made with by Abdelrahman.


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