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    Disco UI

    Install in your app

    npm install --save disco-ui react
    # or
    yarn add disco-ui react


    Local development alongside your app

    If you wish to work on the Disco UI library while importing it into your own app, you can do so for instance using npm link or yarn link.

    Set up the Disco UI repo:

    git clone
    yarn install
    yarn link
    yarn run watch

    In your app you can then run:

    yarn link disco-ui

    Your app will now use your local copy of Disco UI and should receive any changes as you make them.

    Standalone Disco UI development

    If you wish to work on the Disco UI library directly, you can do so without another app:

    git clone
    cd disco-ui
    yarn install
    yarn run install-peer-deps # necessary for storybook to run

    You can now run yarn run storybook to work on individual components, or yarn run server:start to run the example create-react-app app.

    Note that once you have run install-peer-deps in your local Disco UI library, if you are also linking it to your app then your app will end up with duplicate copies of Disco UI's package.json's peerDependencies, and so React will probably break. To resolve this, you will have to link these dependencies: navigate to <your-app>/node_modules/<peer-dep> and run yarn link, repeat for all peer dependencies, and then return to the disco-ui directory and run yarn link-peer-deps. See this article for more context. Note that these will have to be re-linked if node_modules gets deleted.


    • Weird environment and dependency errors? Go nuclear:
      1. Clear yarn cache: yarn cache clean
      2. Delete yarn.lock
      3. Delete node_modules (note: this unlinks any packages that were linked)
      4. Reinstall everything: yarn install
    • New images not found?
      • Images are copied into dist by the yarn copy-files script, which gets run at the beginning of yarn watch. If you've added/renamed image files since you started that, either restart it or run yarn copy-files
    • Links in a mess?
      • find node_modules -type l | grep -v .bin | xargs -r file | sort - view all packages in the current repo that are linked (and see where they're linked to)
      • find ~/.config/yarn/link -type l | xargs -r file | sort - view all packages set up to be linkable (and the links point to)
        • (~/.config/yarn is the default location for user Yarn stuff on Linux/macOS, but could potentially be different on your machine. On Windows links are in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Yarn\config\link or %LOCALAPPDATA%\Yarn\Data\link\)




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