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    Disciple 0.0.8

    Starter web app template.


    This is not meant to be installed into a project but downloaded directly into a new directory, and started from there.


    Once this has been downloaded, navigate to the path in your terminal and npm install, then npm start. It will load a local server broadcast on your current IP port 8080.

    Configurations can be changed within the file config.coffee.


    These tools, together, provide a fundamental basis for building modern web apps:

    It is recommended to read up on each of these

    Brunch builds the project and runs a local server.

    • brunch-signature creates a signature file (public/app.signature) that can be used for cachebusting
    • gzip-brunch creates a .gz version of all files within the public folder
    • terser-brunch compresses all JavaScript files
    • pugjs-brunch lets developers use .pug template files

    Riot allows a developer to compose reusable modular systems that can interoperate nicely.

    • riot-parents provides { this.parents(x) } syntax for accessing parent variables
    • riot-route provides <Router><Route path='/'>...</Route></Router> tags

    PostCSS lets us handle complex meta functions for stylesheets. Multiple have been installed and added to the config file for various reasons.

    • perfectionist pretty-prints stylesheets
    • cssnano compresses stylesheets
    • pixrem provides a px fallback for rem values
    • rucksack-css provides additional classes and functions
    • precss provides a bunch of sass-like utilities such as $variables and & nesting
    • immutable-css provides warnings when we overwrite base styles, can invoke an error
    • postcss-insert provides the @insert syntax to inject classes into arbitrary selectors
    • postcss-import lets us @import other files and dependencies
    • postcss-hocus provides the :hocus and :pocus pseudoelements for us to use
    • postcss-uncss (with uncss) removes all unused

    Tachyons provides utility classes to our CSS. This is imported into the main app.css file and can be replaced.




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