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Dirichlet/aliased sinc function


The Dirichlet (or aliased sinc) function. Defined to be,

                  { 1                                   if x % n === 0
dirichlet(n, x) = {           
                  { sin(pi * x) / (n * sin(pi * x / n)) otherwise

Alternatively, it is the inverse Fourier transform of the discrete rectangle function.

var dirichlet = require("dirichlet")
var x = require("iota-array")(200)
var y =, 100))
console.log(x, y)
npm install dirichlet

Returns the value of the dirichlet function

  • n is the number of samples
  • x is the point at which the dirichlet function is evaluated

Returns The value of the dirichlet function at x

(c) 2014 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License