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Normally, Webpack looks for index file when the path passed to require points to a directory; which means there may have a lot of index files.

This plugin makes it possible to control what file within directory will be treated as entry file.


Add the following to Webpack's config file:

  var DirectoryNamedWebpackPlugin = require("directory-named-webpack-plugin");

  resolve: {
    plugins: [
      new DirectoryNamedWebpackPlugin()

Then when require("component/foo") and the path "component/foo" is resolved to a directory, Webpack will try to look for component/foo/foo.js as the entry (given default options).

If there is also an index file, e.g. index.js, and it should be used as entry file instead of the file with the same name of directory, pass true as the first argument when creating new instance.

  var DirectoryNamedWebpackPlugin = require("directory-named-webpack-plugin");

  resolve: {
    plugins: [
      new DirectoryNamedWebpackPlugin(true)

You can also pass in an options object to further customise the plugin:

  var DirectoryNamedWebpackPlugin = require("directory-named-webpack-plugin");
  var path = require("path");

  resolve: {
    plugins: [
      new DirectoryNamedWebpackPlugin({
        honorIndex: true | false, // defaults to false

        // respect "main" fields defined in package.json
        // if it's an Array, values will be used as name of the fields to check
        // defaults to true, which is the same as ["main"]
        honorPackage: true | false | ["main"],

        // if it's matching with resolving directory's path, plugin will ignore the custom resolving.
        // it can be string/regex or Array of string/regex.
        exclude: /node_modules/

        ignoreFn: function(webpackResolveRequest) {
          // custom logic to decide whether request should be ignored
          // return true if request should be ignored, false otherwise
          return false; // default

        // define where the imported files will be resolving by DirectoryNamedWebpackPlugin.
        // it can be string/regex or Array of string/regex.
        include: [

        transformFn: function(dirName, dirPath, webpackResolveRequest) {
          // use this function to provide custom transforms of resolving directory name
          // return desired filename or array of filenames which will be used
          // one by one (honoring order) in attempts to resolve module
          return dirName; // default

        // name of the resolver hook that should be tapped into
        // by default, uses "before-existing-directory"
        resolverHook: "before-existing-directory"



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