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    DigiByte Wallet

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    DigiByte is more than a faster digital currency. It is an innovative blockchain that can be used for digital assets, smart contracts, decentralized applications and secure authentication.

    This is a CLI wallet for DigiByte. Is intended for educational purposes, but as it follows all the industries standard, it can be used to securely (as much a hot wallet can be) manage coins.

    Instalation 📦

    Download the lastest binaries here and execute them using your command prompt or use the npm package manager and install it globally:

    npm install -g digi-wallet

    To execute the wallet run one of this commands:

    digibyte wallet.dgb
    digibyte help
    digibyte -v

    User Manual 📖

    You can find all the documentation and information here.

    Development 🛠️

    git clone
    cd digi-wallet
    npm install

    Building the Binaries

    To build the digi-wallet binaries you must have globally installed pkg package:

    npm install -g pkg
    npm run build

    This will generate the binaries in the build folder.

    Security 🛡️

    This wallet is for educative-propouses only. It can be use to store real DigiBytes but we do not take any responsability regarding lost funds.

    If you find any flaw or trouble please submit a new thread on Github Issues

    Donate 💰

    Bitcoin - 15uUy4DVhD15Fi5oSS92cQwn5dJUpod1i9 Litecoin - LddizHXyCtqHAbwP4dMpQoH5G8kVm2Jx4Y Bitcoin Cash - bitcoincash:qplt3dd2hgg0sj8v4zte9unmvk79nadlkc59vgkgq2 Dogecoin - DGZXxRAC57vxs4nnPHD5APbNgpY3LbKS2p Dash - XyJLBuWEkkEeDVUquP6iViw47xAECPapLQ DigiByte - DCxo6SCKMdyoUpyYydqG3prC3e4NNCy5nG

    Developers ✒️


    License 📄

    Code released under the MIT License.


    npm i digi-wallet

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