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digest auth request plugin for fetch/node-fetch also supports http basic authentication


For digest-fetch 3.0.0 or above

npm install digest-fetch@latest node-fetch@latest

For digest-fetch 2.0.3 or below

npm install digest-fetch@v2 node-fetch@v2

Get Started

// Use require for digest-fetch 2.0.3 or below
const DigestClient = require('digest-fetch')

// Use import
import DigestClient from "digest-fetch"


For digest-fetch 3.0.0 or above

Since digest-fetch becomes ES module starting 3.0.0, you need to set your project as module to use import.

  • Specify "type": "module" in your package.json
  • Specify --esm for ts-node like npx ts-node --esm src/index.ts
  • Specify "module": "ESNext", "moduleResolution": "node" in your tsconfig.json
// Install dependencies
npm install digest-fetch@latest node-fetch@latest

// Import
import DigestClient from "digest-fetch"

For digest-fetch 2.0.3 or below

// Install dependencies
npm install digest-fetch@v2 node-fetch@v2

// Import
import DigestClient from "digest-fetch"

Http Basic Authentication

Create a client using basic authentication challenge

const client = new DigestClient('user', 'password', { basic: true })
client.fetch(url, options).then(res => res.json).then(console.dir)

Digest Access Authentication

Create a digest authentication request client with default options

const client = new DigestClient('user', 'password') 

Specify options for digest authentication

const client = new DigestClient('user', 'password', { algorithm: 'MD5' }) 

Supported Algorithm

['MD5', 'MD5-sess', 'SHA-256', 'SHA-256-sess', 'SHA-512-256', 'SHA-512-256-sess']

Options fields:

field type default description
algorithm string 'MD5' algorithm to be used: 'MD5', 'SHA-256', 'SHA-512-256' or with '-sess'
statusCode number 401 custom alternate authentication failure code for avoiding browser prompt, see details below
cnonceSize number 32 length of the cnonce
logger object none logger for debug, can use console, default no logging
basic bool false switch to use basic authentication
precomputeHash bool false wether to attach hash of credentials to the client instance instead of raw credential


Do request same way as fetch or node-fetch

const url = ''
const options = {}
client.fetch(url, options)

Pass in refresh request options factory function for conditions options needs be refreshed when trying again. For example when posting with file stream:

const factory = () => ({ method: 'post', body: fs.createReadStream('path-to-file') })
client.fetch(url, {factory})


Digest authentication: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digest_access_authentication or https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc7616 This plugin is implemented following RFC2069, RFC2617 and RFC7616 supports http basic authentication as well!

Please open issues if you find bugs or meet problems during using this plugin. Feel free to open PRs whenever you have better ideas on this project!

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