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Registration agent for Difio, preconfigured for Heroku / Node.js applications.

It compiles a list of installed packages and sends it to

Installing on your Heroku application

  • Create an account at

  • Create your Node.js application in Heroku

  • Configure the following environment variables on Heroku

      heroku config:set DIFIO_USER_ID=YourUserID
      heroku config:set DIFIO_APP_NAME=MyApplication
      heroku config:set DIFIO_APP_URL=
  • Add a dependency in your application's package.json file

      "dependencies": {
          "difio-heroku-nodejs": ""
  • Then commit and push your application to Heroku

      git commit -a -m "added dependency on Difio"
      git push heroku master
  • Execute the registration script to submit the information to Difio

      heroku run /app/node_modules/difio-heroku-nodejs/difio-heroku.js
      Running `/app/node_modules/difio-heroku-nodejs/difio-heroku.js` attached to terminal... up, run.1
      Success, registered/updated application 8370e3be-6e54-462d-9ca9-224301c29a1d

That's it, you can now check your application statistics at

Updating dependencies

Whenever you change your application to include new dependencies or upgrade/downgrade package versions you should re-submit the information to Difio.

    heroku run /app/node_modules/difio-heroku-nodejs/difio-heroku.js