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build status Registration agent for Difio, preconfigured for dotCloud / Node.js applications.

It compiles a list of installed packages and sends it to http://www.dif.io.

Installing on your dotCloud node.js application

  • Create an account at http://www.dif.io

  • Create your Node.js application and push it to dotCloud

  • Configure your Difio userID. You can get it from https://difio-otb.rhcloud.com/profiles/mine/

      dotcloud var set <app name> DIFIO_USER_ID=UserID
  • Generate a unique identifier for this application and save the value as environmental variable.

      dotcloud var set <app name> DIFIO_UUID=`uuidgen`
  • Add a dependency in your application's package.json file

      "dependencies": {
          "difio-dotcloud-nodejs": ""
  • Execute the registration script in your postinstall hook. Note: If you are using an "approot" your postinstall script should be in the directory pointed by the “approot” directive of your dotcloud.yml. For more information about postinstall turn to dotCloud documentation.

If a file named postinstall doesn't already exist, create it and add the following:

    `npm bin`/difio-dotcloud
  • Make postinstall executable

      chmod a+x postinstall
  • Commit your changes (if using git):

      git add .
      git commit -m "enable Difio registration"
  • Push your application

      dotcloud push <app name>
  • If everything goes well you should see something like:

      19:55:10 [www.0] Running postinstall script...
      19:55:13 [www.0] response:200
      19:55:13 [www.0] Difio: Success, registered/updated application with uuid 25d23384-46a8-48ce-83b0-01f4fa4c5987

Note: While testing the registration code we found out that the Node.js application in dotCloud may not be accessible via http immediately. During that time registration to Difio may fail! If this happens your application will register the next time you push to dotCloud!




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