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Node.js wrapper for the Diffbot Article and Frontpage APIs


node-diffbot is a wrapper for the Diffbot API. It only supports the Article and Frontpage APIs as of right now.

npm install diffbot
var Diffbot = require('diffbot').Diffbot
var diffbot = new Diffbot('d7bde3fafe30213a331b0f0e65d89b0f'); // your API key here 
// regular function 
diffbot.article({uri: ''}, function(err, response) {
  if (
// and a dash of cayenne... some addins 
diffbot.article({uri: '', html: true, comments: true, stats: true}, function(err, response) {
// maybe try the frontpage api too 
diffbot.frontpage({uri: ''}, function(err, response) {
  // the frontpage api is weird right now 
  // the json return isn't really json... 
  // it looks like xml converted to json 
  // need to incorporate an xml parser to this