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Module to compare XML or JSON objects very useful for A-B testing main features:

  • Compare elements and element values
  • Compare with wildcards for element values
  • Clear reporting of differences in result array see below


$ npm install diff-js-xml --save

Usage for comparing XML

const tool = require('diff-js-xml');
tool.diffAsXml(lhsXML, rhsXML, schema, options, (result) => {


Before comparing xml is first transformed into JSON object with xml-js module

lhsXML and rhsXML are the two XML strings to compare.

schema options for specific keys for example skip one of them or null if not needed

const schema = { elementA: { skipKey:true}}

options generic options or null if not needed current options available:

  • compareElementValues to disable comparing of element values default is true
  • xml2jsOptions pass through options to xml-js. xml-js has its own default options, and we override a handful: compact: true, ignoreDoctype: true, ignoreDeclaration: true, ignoreAttributes: true You can override these, or others, but most option combinations have not been tested carefully so use caution.
const options = {compareElementValues: false}

result array returned from the diff method containing all the differences with following result types:

missing element xml element is not found in leftXML or rightXML

difference in element value values of elements is not equal

Example of result

[ { path: 'element.subelement',
    type: 'difference in field value',
    message: 'field element.subelement has lhs value TestA and rhs value TestB' } ]

wildcard values

For A-B testing purposes it can be very handy to compare with wildcards if for exammple you are not interested in all the data. You can put an * in the first (lhs) xml file. The result of this compare will be no differences.

const lhsxml =
    '<string-array name="languages_array"><item>*</item><item2>Chinese</item2><item3>French</item3><item4>Spanish</item4></string-array>'
const string =
    '<string-array name="languages_array"><item>Dutch</item><item2>Chinese</item2><item3>French</item3><item4>Spanish</item4></string-array>'

Usage for comparing JSON

const tool = require('diff-js-xml');
tool.diff(lhsObject, rhsObject, schema, options, (result) => {


lhsObject and rhsObject are the two JSON objects to compare. result is an array returned from the diff method containing all the differences see above.



npm i diff-js-xml

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