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Did It Work?

***Did it Work?***: A simple process launcher that determines whether the process succeeded or failed.


npm install did_it_work


var process = require('did_it_work');

  .goodIfMatches(/Ready/, 1000)
    console.log('The program worked (because it spat out "Ready" to stdout within 1000ms).')
    console.log('The program didn\'t work (because it spat out "Error" to stdout, or the program exited with non-zero code, or it didn\'t spit out "Ready" within 1000ms)')
    console.log('In any case, the program exited')

Use spawn instead of exec

If you pass one string argument to the function, it will use child_process.exec to create the process. If, on the other hand, you need to use child_process.spawn, pass two arguments instead, the first being the executable and the second being an array of arguments. Example

process('echo', ['hello', 'world'])
    console.log('The program returned ' + stdout)


To see more, read the tests in tests.js.