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Dialog component


Dialog component with structural styling to give you a clean slate.

Live demo is here

$ npm install dialog-component
  • events for composition
  • structural CSS letting you decide on style
  • overlay support
  • modal overlay support
  • escapable (esc key support)
  • fluent API
  • show the dialog is shown
  • hide the dialog is hidden
  • escape the dialog was closed via the escape key
  • close the dialog was closed via the close button

Display a dialog with a msg only.

Display a dialog with title and msg.

Make the dialog closable, this adds a × that users make click to forcefully close the dialog.

Assign the effect name, driven by CSS transitions. Out of the box the following are available:

  • slide
  • fade
  • scale

Add a clickable overlay, which closes the dialog.

Add a non-clickable overlay making it modal.

Dialogs are centered by default. If you'd rather use CSS to position the dialog make it fixed; no per element CSS properties are added to such dialogs.

This is private as it is implied by other options. If no overlay is used, or the overlay is non-modal then a user may close the dialog by pressing the escape key.

Show the dialog.

Hide the dialog immediately or wait ms.

Add class name, useful for styling dialogs differently.


Install component-test globally in order to run unit tests:

sudo npm install -g component-test2