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Just a simple desktop chat built using DHTMLX on client and Node.js (Express + ws) && Redis on back end



List of softwares that you need to have already installed:

  • Redis (running on localhost)
  • Node.js
  • Grunt

Download this repository and uncompress to a given directory, lets assume: /Users/YourName/apps/dhtmlxNodeChat/

Or, use npm

npm i dhtmlx-desktop-chat

Command line testing

Step 1

On terminal, navigate to the project directory:

$ cd /Users/YourName/apps/dhtmlxDesktopChat/

Install grunt (if you don't have it installed):

$ npm install -g grunt-cli

Install dependencies:

$ npm install grunt-contrib-qunit --save-dev

$ npm install express --save

$ npm install --save ws

$ npm install grunt-express --save-dev

$ npm install redis

$ npm install passport

$ npm install passport-local

$ npm install lodash

$ npm install electron-prebuilt -g

$ npm install electron-prebuilt --save-dev

Step 2

Now , type on terminal:

$ grunt test

Browser testing

Step 1

$ grunt server

Then open the browser and reach the following address to see the tests:


Or open the browser and reach the following address to see the application running:


Starting desktop application

$ cd /Users/YourName/apps/dhtmlxDesktopChat/

$ electron .

Now you are able to talk with the web instance previously opened on browser.

Starting application with node

 $ cd /Users/YourName/apps/dhtmlxDesktopChat/

 $ node app.js