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Development auto reloader for browser

devreload monitors changes in the file system. As soon as you save a file, it is notify browser that open your website, and the browser is refreshed.


You can use devreload as:

  • CLI script, or
  • Embedded package to node web application, or
  • Manual reload to invoke from bigger library/application

Install as CLI Script

Install as global cli script

npm install -g devreload

Don't forget to add devreload script to your html files

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://localhost:9999/devreload.js"></script>

after that, you can run devreload from your project path

cd [project-path]

Use as embedded package

Use as embedded package to node web app require you to install devreload as node module

npm install devreload

Require and initialize devreload to listen to plain node http server

// initialize node http server 
var server = http.createServer(function(req, res) {
    // ... your request handler 
// ... 
// listen devreload to server 
require('devreload').listen(server, {
    watch: [__dirname+'/views', __dirname+'/static'], // watch dirs 
    interval: 500 // set watch intervals 
// ``` 
// server will listen to port 3001 

Don't forget to include the client script in your html/jade

<script defer src='//localhost:9999/devreload.js'></script>
script(defer, src='//localhost:9999/devreload.js')

Use manual reload for bigger application

You can also use devreload to invoke reload for bigger application (such as nodeamon)

var devreload, http, ndm;
ndm = require('nodemon');
devreload = require('devreload');
http = require('http');
devreload.listen(http.createServer(), {
  watch: null, // if watch is null (explicitly specified),  
               // watch will be disabled. you should explicitly 
               // manual reload 
  port: 9999
  script: '',
  ignore: ['static/*']
}).on('restart', function(files) {
  return devreload.reload();
}).on('log', function(log){
  return console.log(log.colour);


  • Ganesha
  • Cole R Lawrence