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    DevExpress Dashboard CLI

    The DevExpress Dashboard CLI is a set of command-line tools to be used with the DevExpress Dashboard control.


    To install the devexpress-dashboard-cli package globally with npm, run the following command:

    npm install -g devexpress-dashboard-cli

    Make sure you have Node.js and npm installed on your machine.


    Use the DevExpress Dashboard CLI to create a custom Dashboard theme or apply a custom DevExtreme theme created with the ThemeBuilder.

    The DevExpress Dashboard CLI uses the Dashboard ThemeBuilder's exported json file to generate CSS files for the custom theme.

    The following command generates custom CSS files:

    npx devexpress-dashboard-cli build-theme

    Use --help to list the available parameters:

    npx devexpress-dashboard-cli build-theme --help
    Arguments Description
    --input-file Specifies the json file generated by the DevExtreme ThemeBuilder.
    --base-theme Specifies a base theme's name (the default value is generic.light).
    --output-color-scheme Specifies the custom color scheme name (the default value is custom-scheme).
    --output-dir Specifies the folder to save output files (the default value is the current directory).
    --version Specifies the target peer dependencies version.

    See the following topics for information on how to create and apply the custom theme:


    DevExpress Dashboard CLI is distributed under the MIT license (free and open-source), but can only be used with a commercial DevExpress Dashboard software product. You can review the license terms or download a free trial version of the Dashboard suite at

    Support & Feedback

    • Follow this article for general information about themes and styles.
    • For any questions regarding the use of DevExpress Dashboards tools, please refer to our Support Center.


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