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Demodule - CommonJS for the browser!

A simple tool to package javascript files into one using CommonJS module specification.
If you want to structure your browser client code using CommonJS (like NodeJS's 'require()'), this is for you.

  • Explicitly define which files to include
  • Recursive require() support
  • Minimization


This is a sample build script using Demodule.
You can see the full example in the example folder.

var demodule = require("demodule");
var fs = require("fs");
var dependencies = [
    // a single file 
    {name:"app", path:"./app.js"},
    // a library from NPM 
    {name:"underscore", path:"./node_modules/underscore/underscore.js"},
    // a whole directory, recursively. 
    {name:"lib", path:"./lib"},
    // another whole directory 
    {name:"foo", path:"./foo"},
var entry = 'require("app").run();';
var code = demodule(dependencies, entry, {minify: false, debug:true});
var err = fs.writeFileSync("build/app.js", code);
if (err) { throw(err); }


Requires NodeJS.

See the example app for usage.