Narcissistic, Perfectly Modest
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    A blog posting tool. Creates static HTML and ATOM feeds from Markdown posts.

    It should be considered pre-alpha quality. You probably will not like it. It is only for fulfilling my personal blogging needs.


    Uses NodeJS to run.


    • Clone this repository, or a fork of it.
    • cd delposto
    • npm link

    You may need to run sudo npm link for it to work.

    Now you can type delposto to see a list of commands. Right now the command help is not really useful.



    delposto create foo

    This will create a new directory called foo with the templates and metadata for the blog. It will ask you a few questions to set up the blog.


    delposto draft bar

    Creates a drafts/ file for a new draft. Fill in the title, tags, and any comment link above the ~ separator, with the contents of the post going after the '~'.

    Anything above the ~ is treated as YAML, so it should be formatted appropriately.

    Typing this:

    delposto draft bar/

    will create a drafts/bar directory, with a drafts/bar/ for the post's contents. This directory creation allows you to put any images or other assets for the post along with the post's contents.


    delposto preview drafts/

    This will preview the post in published/preview/month/day/slugged-title/, and it will watch drafts/ for changes and regenerate the preview as the draft changes. You will need to manually reload the preview in the browser though.

    If you used delposto draft bar/ to create a directory-based draft, then type

    delposto preview drafts/bar


    delposto publish drafts/

    Publishes the drafts/ file. Puts the post in a YYY/MM/DD directory, and uses the title inside to generate a slugged title directory to hold the output.

    If you used delposto draft bar/ to create a directory-based draft, then type

    delposto publish drafts/bar

    If you want to change the templates in the templates directory and the reapply them to the published directory, then just type:

    delposto publish

    Now, you can push the published directory to your static file host of your choice. If you want to push it to GitHubPages, then volo-ghdeploy can be useful if you have volo installed.

    Example sites

    This tool was created to generate

    Dev Notes

    Updating Prism

    Prism is used for the HTML/CSS/JS code snippet syntax highlighting.

    • Copy prism.css into templates/css/index.css, after START PRISM and before END PRISM
    • Remove all the class*="language-" selector parts in prism.css
    • Remove any text-shadow use in prism.css
    • Copy prism.js into templates/js/index.js




    npm i delposto

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