Delaunay triangulation in arbitrary dimensions


This is a little JavaScript library (for both the browser and Node.JS) that computes Delaunay triangulations in arbitrary dimensions.

Well, actually, that's a lie. It only works in 2 or 3 dimensions. But! The code is written such that it would be very easy to get it to work in any number of dimensions! We just havn't had the need. (To do so, just generalize the algorithms in lib/matrix.js.)

For examples on how to use the code, please look in the examples/ directory.

This code isn't especially efficient; in particular, it runs in quadratic time. There are very clever divide-and-conquer algorithms for Delaunay triangulation (even in arbitrary dimensions!) that are O(n log n). That said, it should be fast enough for most purposes.

This code is used experimentally in the Dark Sky API, but even so, it is not especially mature. Please use caution when putting it into production.