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DefinitelyTyped definition header utils

Work with the headers in the definition files in the DefinitelyTyped repository.

Bundles a parser, serialiser, interfaces, assertions and some utilities.

⚠️ Under construction, in-consistent, tests incomplete... 😎

Type export

This module is also test to figure out how to export type-info in a npm module (like via package.json etc).


Classic header (from the wiki)

// Type definitions for [LIBRARY NAME]
// Project: [LIBRARY URL]
// Definitions by: [AUTHOR NAME] <[AUTHOR URL]>
// Definitions:


Install development dependencies in your git checkout:

$ npm install

Build and run tests using grunt:

$ npm test

See the Gruntfile.js for additional commands.


  • 0.0.1 - First release


Copyright (c) 2014 Bart van der Schoor @ DefinitelyTyped

Licensed under the MIT license.