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A browserify transform to enable the use of component.js components in browserify client javascript projects.


Installation is via npm:

$ npm install decomponentify

How to use.

Install some components:

# creates files in component/component-moment/
$ component install component/moment

Build out your component file into a place where you can require it from browserify:

# Builds all the components into public/scripts/vendor/component/index.js
$ component build -o public/scripts/vendor/component -n index

Require the build file in your browserify code and access the component modules by their fully qualified name (eg. 'component-moment'):

// File: public/scripts/app.js 
var domready = require('domready')
  , component = require('./vendor/component')
  , moment = component('component-moment');
domready(function () {
  console.log(moment.format('dddd')); // prints "Monday" 

Build out your browserify bundle using the decomponentify transform:

$ browserify -t decomponentify  public/scripts/app.js -o public/scripts/build/bundle.js

Then include your bundle.js in your HTML file and you're done!