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Very simple JSON parser that preserves the full precision of numbers. It is a fork of json_parse.js from JSON-js. This module should work in browsers and any CommonJS system (tested with Node.js)

Numbers will be parsed into a Decimal class, with .string and .number attributes


For Node.js:

npm install decimaljson

For browser use:

<script src='decimaljson.js' />
<!-- DJSON will be available as a global now -->


// Only for Node.js
> var DJSON = require('decimaljson')

> var array = DJSON.parse('[1.0000000000000001]')
> array
[ Decimal(1.0000000000000001) ]
> array[0].string
> array[1].number


Benchmarks for DJSON.parse and DJSON.stringify are provided. Here are some example results from my laptop:

node 0.2.6 (x86, v8 2.3.8):
  - JSON.parse is 2x faster than DJSON.parse
  - JSON.stringify and DJSON.stringify are the same speed

node 0.4.1 (x86, v8 3.1.5):
  - JSON.parse is 4.5x faster than DJSON.parse
  - JSON.stringify is 3x faster than DJSON.stringify


  • 0.2.0: Added DJSON.stringify. Added benchmarks.
  • 0.1.0: Initial release, DJSON.parse.


  • Try to make a native module for Node.js that uses a modified version of the v8 JSON parser. This is harder than I expected as JSON.parse is implemented by using a special case of the V8 JS parser.