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This CLI provides tooling/commands to assist you in the scenes development process. Some of the commands will help you scaffold a new scene project, locally start and visualize the scene in order to test it and deploy it to a content server to be incorporated in your Decentraland parcel.


To install the latest version of dcl (Decentraland CLI), run this command:

npm install -g decentraland

To learn what you can do with the CLI run the following command:

dcl --help

See more details at Decentraland docs.


For details on how to use Decentraland developer tools, check our documentation site


  1. Fork this repository to your own GitHub account and then clone it to your local device.
  2. Install dependencies with npm install.
  3. Build the project by running npm run build.
  4. Link the CLI with: npm link. The dcl command should now be available.
  5. You can run tests with npm test

NOTE: you can set the environment variable DEBUG=true to see all debugging info


Just update the version on the package.json file and merge to master.


dcl can be configured in several ways to adapt it to another environment other than the default one. To do this you have to either set environment variables or change your ~/.dclinfo file:

Variable name Enviroment variable ~/.dclinfo
Provider RPC_URL -
MANA Token Contract MANA_TOKEN MANAToken
LAND Registry Contract LAND_REGISTRY LANDRegistry
Estate Registry Contract ESTATE_REGISTRY EstateRegistry
Content Server URL CONTENT_URL contentUrl
Segment API key SEGMENT_KEY segmentKey
Track Analytics data TRACK_STATS trackStats

Copyright info

This repository is protected with a standard Apache 2 license. See the terms and conditions in the LICENSE file.

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