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    Exictos - Distribution Channel Solutions


    A generator that enables you to generate fonts from a set of SVG icons.

    So you'll be able to use vectorial icons as a text font and manipulate them very easily.

    It aims to make all the icons management easier and provide all the SVG features in a really flexible way. So you can write nice and clean CSS and HTML without polluting your code with SVG codes or src paths.


    You can install it through NPM, simply run:

    npm install dcs-icon-font

    Or you can clone it and install all its dependencies:

    git clone https://github.com/Exictos-DCS/dcs-icon-font.git
    cd dcs-icon-font
    npm install
    npm run build


    When installing from NPM globally, you can simply run:

    dcs-icon-font --icons my-svg-icons/*.svg

    See the "Options List" for more options.

    Code Example

    <i class="dcs-icon dcs-icon-aeroplane4" style="color: #B33B3B; background-color: #F7FFE5; font-size: 30px;"/>

    Will produce the following in your web browser:


    Options List

    These are all the flags that you can use with the dcs-icon-font generator:

    Flag Description
    --help Presents all the available arguments that the dcs-icon-font cli is ready to handle
    --out [string] Specifies where the generated code is stored into. Default "./build"
    --icons [string] Specifies the directory that contains the SVG icons from which you want to generate the font. Default "./icons/*.svg"
    --fontname [string] The name for your brand new font. Default "dcsIconFont"
    --baseSelector [string] Specifies the base CSS class name. Default "dcs-icon"
    --cssFontsUrl [string] Specifies the font URL to be defined into the resulting CSS file. Default: the --fontname specified
    --cssDest [string] Specifies destination path for the resulting CSS file. Default: The --out specified
    --classprefix [string] Specifies the CSS class prefix for all your icons. Default "dcs-icon-"
    --html Because it would be nice to have a preview of all the generated fonts and CSS, you can pass this flag and have a html file with a html preview
    --sass You're a cool developer and you use Sass instead of CSS? Not a problem, just provide this flag and get a brand new .scss file
    --htmlTemplate [string] Hmmm.. Need to provide a different HTML for the font preview? Specify your own HTML template
    --cssTemplate [string] The CSS generated is not enough for what you need? Specify your custom CSS template
    --scssTemplate [string] Specify your Sass template to meet all your needs
    --fixedWidth [bool] Option passed directly to svgicons2svgfont
    --centerHorizontally [bool] Option passed directly to svgicons2svgfont
    --normalize [bool] Option passed directly to svgicons2svgfont
    --fontHeight [Number] Option passed directly to svgicons2svgfont


    If you wish to run some tests accross this generator, you can do it by typing:

    npm run test

    HTML preview sample

    Imgur Imgur


    npm i dcs-icon-font

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