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Decentraland CLI

CLI tool for parcel management.

  • Quickly create new projects
  • Uploading scenes to IPFS
  • Hot reloading
  • Linking Ethereum to the scene
  • Editor modifying local files and “uploading” to the directory
  • Optimizing objects, textures
  • Warnings and linting of scenes
  • Compiling scripts
  • Generating bundles of assets
  • Manage IPFS uploading/differential uploads
  • Test framework for scripting
  • Snapshots of the scene


$ npm install -g dcl-cli


  • Initialize new Decentraland project from working directory:
$ dcl init
  • Start local development server and serve your a-minus scene:
$ dcl start
  • Upload scene to IPFS:

First, you need to have IPFS installed locally. Download it here. Note: You need to have IPFS daemon running for this to work!

$ dcl upload
  • Link Ethereum to the current scene:
$ dcl link
  • Upload scene to IPFS, update IPNS and link Ethereum to the current scene in one go:
$ dcl push


  1. Clone the dcl-cli: git clone https://github.com/decentraland/cli.git
  2. Go into the cli directory: cd cli
  3. Run npm install
  4. Link the cli with: npm link

dcl command should now be available.

For CLI tool development, run npm start in your terminal. The cli will use the mainnet address for the LANDRegistry contract by default. If you want to change it, you can add a .env file on the root folder, with a LAND_REGISTRY_CONTRACT_ADDRESS var. It'll use dotenv to fetch the value. You can check the current contract addresses here.

You can run CLI commands in development mode like this: npm start -- init

You can do incremental compilations by running npm run watch, but you will need to run npm run build at least once before to build the linker-app, and if you make changes to the linker you will need to re-run npm run build.



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