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DCD ported to JavaScript, as a Node.JS console app. The original Free Pascal code can be found at

This is my first Node (and JS) program, so any feedback is very welcome.

Yet Another Fast Change Directory based on the honorable NCD

DCD was modeled after Norton Change Directory (NCD). NCD appeared first in The Norton Utilities, Release 4, for DOS in 1987, published by Peter Norton. NCD was written by Brad Kingsbury.


  • Install it using NPM.
$ npm install -g dcd
  • Open Terminal and run this one-liner:
echo 'DCD=`which dcd` && eval "`${DCD} --install-sh`"' >> ~/.bash_profile && . ~/.bash_profile

or add this manually to your ~/.bash_profile: DCD=`which dcd` && eval "`${DCD} --install-sh`"


  • Before using it, you need to scan your folder tree (the first time is very slow):
    $ dcd -r
  • Using directories bread crumbs:
    To go to /usr/local/bin:
    $ dcd ulb
    To go to /bin:
    $ dcd b
    To go to ~/Development/project1:
    $ dcd ~Dp
  • Using folder name match:
    To go to /Users/joe/Documents/Etc
    $ dcd Etc
    to go to ~/Development/project1/folder_with_long_name
    $ dcd folder_w
  • If it's not what you want, repeat the command:
    To go to /usr/local/bin:
    $ dcd ulb
    $ dcd ulb


Still not working on Windows. Check back later.