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a dropbox cli interface

Dropbox cli

A Dropbox cli interface writen in nodejs

npm install -g dbox-sh

to enter shell


If you enter the shell the first time, you will have to create a app in dropbox for dbox-cli to access

enter the developer center and create an app. You will have to use App key and App secret in the cli. Entering the shell the first time. You will see the following message to ask you entering your App key and App secret

You will have to go to the url given in the cli, to authorize the right to access your app. After accept, you can press [enter] in the cli. The cli will automatically save your keys in the folder. So you won't need to authorize for the next time.

command support:

  • help :help
  • account :view account
  • mkdir :make directory
  • rename :rename a file
  • cp :copy file or directory
  • rm :remove file or directory
  • get :read the file
  • meta :get metadata from a file
  • revisions :get revision history
  • restore :restore previous version
  • shares :create link to view file
  • ls :list folders and files in a directory

It is also really easy to revision your files. See the sample as following.

MIT @chilijung