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dbot is a node.js-powered IRC bot designed to provide command-line utilities available by PMing it.


npm install # install dependencies 
npm start # run bot 


dbot relies heavily on the irc package, and as such pretty much all of its configuration goes straight to it, with the exception of the plugins array (read on to learn more about these). Its only function is passing data around, hence the absence of tests for the bot itself.

See the config.json file to start tweaking the bot to suit your needs and fulfill your desires.


A plugin corresponds to a functionality the bot offers : it comprises a description, a regex representing the command to watch for and a callback function, which returns a promise (using the deferred package) holding the message to send back.

Plugins are distinct packages you need to install, which are automatically required by name (dbot-*). Here is a list of currently available plugins :


You are very welcome to help me enhance the bot further or write new plugins.