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Easily create a Postgres/MySQL connection pool


Easily create a Postgres/MySQL connection pool (postgres only until I get MariaDB/MySQL working on my new Ubuntu 13.04 dev machine).

Behind the scenes it returns an any-db pool which can be used as described here.

Install the module with: npm install db-pool

Create a config/database.js containing something like

exports.app1 = {
  defaults: {
    driver: 'postgres',
    min: 5,
    max: 20
  development: {
    database: "development",
    username: "username",
    password: "pass"
  production: {
    database: "production",
    username: "username",
    password: "pass",
    port: 9999
  test: {
    database: "test",
    username: "username",
    password: "pass",
    host: "some.hostname",
    min: 15
exports.app1 = {
var db_pool = require('db-pool');
// Optionally specify an alternative config file (default is to use /config/database.js) 
// Create the default pool (from app1) using NODE_ENV=development|test|production 
var test = db_pool.pool();
// Create a pool to a development database 
var dev = db_pool.pool('development');
var app1_dev = db_pool.pool('app1.development');
// Create another pool to a different database 
var test = db_pool.pool('test');
// Show the known connections. Active ones have pool, connStr and merged default attributes. 
// Run a query 
dev.query("SELECT 1", function (err, results) {
  // Terminate all active pools 

In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code using Grunt.

v0.1.0 Postgres supported

Copyright (c) 2013 Mark Selby
Licensed under the MIT license.