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DaZeus Bullshit generator

Generates random bullshit about some topic by using a simple grammar and a list of words.

Available commands


Generate some bullshit about a random topic, equivalent to bullshit about anything.

bullshit about [what]

Generate some bullshit about a specific topic.

bullshit learn [type] [word] about [what]

Learn some new bullshit about some topic.

bullshit forget [type] [word] about [what]
bullshit forget [word] about [what]
bullshit forget [type] [word]
bullshit forget [word]

These are used to forget bullshit from a number of different scopes.

bullshit alias [what] to [what]

Alias some topic to another topic.

The special topics anything and everything exist. You can learn new bullshit for the everything topic to let it show up in bullshit about any topic. You can use anything to get bullshit about a random topic.

Installing it

npm install dazeus-plugin-bullshit

Running it

To let this command run, simple execute this command in the root folder of the plugin

node index

Several options are available, see the command line documentation for that:

node index --help