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Datt is a decentralized content sharing platform with integrated payments. It is currently undergoing heavy development and has not yet reached alpha. Our issues are tracked on GitHub. Check out the blog or twitter to stay up-to-date on progress.

How To Test And Develop Datt

Datt can be built and run on Linux. It is not tested on Mac or Windows, but should work with minimal or no changes on those platforms. To help program the Datt application, first be sure you are running node 4.3:

> node --version

Then clone this repo:

git clone https://github.com/dattnetwork/datt.git

Then install the dependencies:

cd datt
npm install

To run all of Datt tests:

npm test

To build the browser bundles:

npm run build

Then run the server:

npm run serve-testnet

This will serve the files and run a browser-sync proxy server (If for some reason you wish to run in dangerous mainnet mode instead, replace 'testnet' for 'mainnet' above). You can then access the tests at:


The app makes use of IndexedDB in a browser. Each "domain" has its own IndexedDB. This means if you run the app on a different port, it's as though you're running the app as a different person from a different computer. To facilitate this for testing purposes, the ports 3040 - 3044 are all assigned to simply deliver the app. So feel free to open up these other ports to see the same app but with a different user:


Folder Layout

This repo contains both the main datt application as well as the landing page, blog, documentation, mockups and other media, and a second unfinished UI. The folders are as follows:

  • bin/ - Executable files, particularly for running the app servers.
  • blog/ - The blog content and source.
  • build/ - Static files and build files for the browser.
  • docs/ - Documentation on business, product, community, technology.
  • landing/ - The landing page content and source.
  • lib/ - The core logic of the database and API.
  • media/ - Logos, mockups, and template HTML.
  • server/ - The Datt servers.
  • test/ - Tests for datt.

Environment Variables

  • DATT_JS_BASE_URL - Default "/". The public-facing URL where the javascript files are hosted, usually either "/" or "/js/".
  • DATT_JS_BUNDLE_FILE - Default "datt.js". The Datt bundle file.
  • DATT_JS_TESTS_FILE - Default "datt-tests.js". The tests file - where the browser tests are located.
  • DATT_BLOCKCHAIN_API_URI - Default "https://insight.bitpay.com/api/".
  • FULLNODE_NETWORK - Default "mainnet". Can also be "testnet".




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