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Nepali Datepicker - Nepali DatePicker Component For ReactJs

Date picker component forked from puncoz-official


Basic Usage

After downloading, simply edit the code inside src in your favorite text editor to make changes. These are the only files you need to worry about, you can ignore everything else!

Advanced Usage

After installation, run npm start or yarn start which will start your application in the default port 3000 or 3001. Open up a preview of the nepali datepicker in your default browser using (localhost:port), watch for changes to files inside, and live reload the browser when changes are saved. You can view the package.json to see which tasks are included with the dev environment.

Integrate With Your React Project

  • Install dependency using: npm i datepicker-nepali-reactjs
  • Import nepali datepicker import { NepaliDatePicker } from "datepicker-nepali-reactjs";
  • Use component: <NepaliDatePicker />

Nepali DatePicker Options

  • className add custom class name to nepali date picker.
  • defaultDate is a string or boolean. By default the date will be set as undefined. If you provide defaultDate={true}, then you get today date as default date. And, you can provide any custom date as default selected. Eg: <NepaliDatePicker defaultDate="2076-11-10" /> sets date to 2076-11-10.
  • disabled is a boolean. true disabled the datepicker select. By default the value is false.
  • onDateSelect is a callback function, executes on date change and returns the date.
  • showResetDateButton - is a boolean. true shows the reset button along with datepicker and on click to button it resets the date to initial state. By default the value is false.
  • resetButtonElement - is an element. You can provide any text or icon or custom react component to it.

How to contribute

To contribute, please ensure that you have stable Node.js and npm installed. And node version must be >=10 and npm>=6.

Now, follow the steps below.

  • Fork and clone the repository.
  • Run yarn start or npm start, this will open preview on your default browser.
  • Now you can code, code and code!
  • Submit a pull request.


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