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A date formatter and parser for node


A small library that provides a few very useful methods for displaying dates, including a formatter and a parser.

$ npm install dateable
var dateable = require('dateable');
var date = new Date(2009, 4, 23);
var str = dateable(date, 'MM/DD-YYYY, hh:mm');
// => 05/23-2012, 22:10 

Parse a formatted date and return the original Date object

dateable.parse(str, 'MM/DD-YYYY, hh:mm');
// => Sat May 23 2009 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (CEST) 

If you want to include text in the formatting, you need to escape it with either ' or ".

var format = '"I went to the moon a" dddd "in" MMMM, YYYY';
dateable(date, format);
// => I went to the moon a Saturday in May, 2009 

You can also get the relative date, and the difference between dates.

dateable.when(new Date(2008, 4, 20));
// => 4 years ago 
dateable.when(new Date(2020, 4, 30));
// => in 8 years 
dateable.diff(new Date(2015), new Date());
// => 3 years 

Return formatted date

Return original date from format

Returns relative date

Returns the difference between the two dates

Set language

Based on ISO 8601 with some additions. See tests for examples.