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Reusable React environment and components for creating visualization engines.


script name description
canon-build Create all of the necessary bundles for a production deployment.
canon-dev Starts up a development server with hot-reloading.
canon-locales Parses all files in the ./app directory for strings either wrapped in a t() function or part of an <Interpolate> component. These strings will then be matched with any existing translation files that exist, resulting in JSON lookup files for every language specified in the environment variable. These files can be found in ./locales/<lang>/canon.json.
canon-start Starts up a web server for a production environment.

Environment Variables

variable description default
API Currently only used in conjunction with the ATTRS variable, but can be helpful for front-end components and actions. undefined
ATTRS A URL that should return a list of attribute classification strings to be pre-cached and passed to the default redux store. undefined
GOOGLE_ANALYTICS The unique Google Analytics ID for the project (ex. "UA-########-#"). undefined
LANGUAGES A comma-separated list of languages to be used in generating localization bundles. "es"
LANGUAGE_DEFAULT The default/fallback language for the site. "es"
NODE_ENV The current environment. Setting to production will result in the removal of browser development tools and return smaller package sizes. development
PORT The port to use for the server. 3300