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    Data Spring

    ⚠️ Data Spring is still very much in an experimental and beta state. As a result, features and implementation likely will change.

    Data Spring generates fake datasets geared towards dashboards and data visualizations. Sure a lot of libraries already exist for generating fake data, but I was not able to find a solution that was well tailored for these use cases. Data Spring is designed with the use case of generating datasets for prototyping data driven dashboards and data visualizations. As a result, it is fast and easy to create things like large time series datasets using Data Spring.

    Data Spring is available both as a JavaScript library as well as a standalone CLI. Instructions for using both are included below

    Getting Started

    The Data Spring command-line interface (CLI) can be used generate fake datasets from a provided json config file and output the results to a specified json file.

    Install the package globally using yarn or npm.

    # yarn
    yarn global add data-spring-cli
    npm install data-spring-cli -g

    Create a config.json file in your project that looks something like the following. Tip: You can run data-spring config <config-file> to generate a boilerplate config file.

    The config file is how you define the shape of your dataset (i.e. creating fields and possible values for them).

    const config = [
      { "id": "rec_id", "type": "id" },
        "id": "date",
        "type": "date",
        "interval": {
          "type": "month",
          "recordsPerInterval": 2,
        "min": "2020-01-01 00:00:00",
        "max": "2020-12-01 00:00:00",
        "id": "department",
        "type": "string",
        "values": ["Transportation", "Environment", "Health", "Parks"],
        "id": "budget",
        "type": "number",
        "min": 10000,
        "max": 100000,

    Next, run the cli using your config file, passing the path to your config file as well as the path to where you want the data to be output.

    data-spring <config-file> <output-file>

    That's it! Open up the output file and you should see your generated dataset.

    CLI Commands

    1. create
    2. config


    data-spring create <config-file> <output-file>
    Argument Description
    config-file Path to the JSON config file
    output-file Path to the JSON output file


    data-spring config <output-file>
    Argument Description
    output-file Path for the generated config JSON file


    • Create a new dataset based on a config file in your current working directory. Output a the dataset in the same directory.
    data-spring create config.json output.json


    • Create a new config file based off of the starting template called config.json in the current working directory.
    data-spring config config.json


    npm i data-spring-cli

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