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    A tool for replicating dats stored at static http/s web addresses.

    Don’t know what a dat is? Learn more here.


    Dat is awesome, but at the moment it can become expensive if you are storing large datasets on a VPS. This tool helps you cheaply add redundancy to your peer to peer network by enabling you to serve multiple read-only dat archives from static web hosts.

    With this library you can setup one server with minimal storage and serve any number of large dats that are stored elsewhere.

    Note: If you are only storing small dats - look at It is a great service which at the moment offers a free tier for dats up to 100MB.


    To use as a CLI utility

    npm dat-http-proxy -g

    or to use from within another project

    npm dat-http-proxy --save


    Command Line Interface

    To replicate a single url:

    dat-http-proxy [url]

    To manage multiple urls:

    To use as a cli you need to create a file called url-feeds containing a list of urls.

    For example:

    Then simply run dat-http-proxy from the command line. If you modify the url-feeds file, the dat-http-proxy process will update live adding or removing connections to the url.

    Note: At the moment this application will fail hard if you pass a malformed url.


    Simply import the package into your project.

    // es6
    import httpProxy from 'dat-http-proxy'
    // commonjs
    var httpProxy = require('dat-http-proxy')

    var dats = httpProxy.all()

    Return all loaded dat archives. Explicitly ignores those loading or scheduled for removal.

    var urls = httpProxy.urls()

    Returns all the urls currently being served. Explicitly ignores those loading or scheduled for removal.

    var dat = httpProxy.add(url)

    Attempts to load a url as a dat archive and begins serving it. Returns a promise which resolves to a dat instance.


    Removes the url and closes the associated dat archive.


    npm i dat-http-proxy

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