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das-sdk is deprecated, please use 'dotbit' instead:

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A library to resolve .bit (Previous DAS) accounts


npm install das-sdk


Set up .bit Account Indexer

das-account-indexer is the storage layer and API layer of .bit.

It read .bit data from CKB node and keep them locally.

It provides a JSON-RPC, through which we can read .bit data in our business.

Please set up a das-account-indexer on your own server and keep it running.


import Das from 'das-sdk'

const das = new Das({
  url: 'https://{{}}',

// ==>
// [{
//   key: 'address.eth',
//   label: 'coinbase',
//   value: '0x1234...4567',
//   ttl: 300,
//   avatar: ''
// }, {
//   key: 'address.eth',
//   label: 'onchain',
//   value: '0x2345...6789',
//   ttl: 300,
//   avatar: ''
// }]


To set up das-sdk, you need to provide url.

We suggest that developers run their own das-account-indexer.

However, if you are new to .bit and want to test das-sdk, you can use this indexer run by .bit team as a start: It provides both forward resolution and reverse record resolution.

Meanwhile, we provide an official basic-indexer which only exposed some basic apis. If you have trouble setting up an indexer, you can use this as an alternative.

You can use this indexer to use the following api:

  • das.account()
  • das.reverseRecord()


interface DasSource {
  url: string, // The Das indexer url

export interface AccountRecord {
  key: string, // The key of the record, in the form like `address.eth`, ``, 'custom_key.xx.yy`.
  label: string, // The label of the record. There may be multiple records for the same `key`, users can use `label` to distinguish them.  
  value: string, // The value of the record. Developers should valid the validity of the value before using them. 
  ttl: number, // Time to live for the record.

  avatar: string, // The .bit avatar generated by [identicons](

export interface AccountInfo {
  account: string, // abc.bit
  avatar: string, // the das avatar
  account_id_hex: string, // 0x1234...
  next_account_id_hex: string, // 0x1234...
  create_at_unix: number, // seconds
  expired_at_unix: number, // seconds
  status: number, // 0
  das_lock_arg_hex: string,
  owner_algorithm_id: number, // 3: eth personal sign, 4: tron sign, 5: eip-712
  manager_algorithm_id: number,
  owner_key: string,
  manager_key: string

export interface GetAvatarRes {
  linkage: Array<{type: string, content: string}>,
  url: string,

export interface KeyDescriptor {
  type: 'blockchain',
  key_info: {
    // The coin_type from
    // It currently support ETH/TRX/BNB/MATIC
    coin_type: string,
    // The chain_id from
    // Used to identify different EVM-compatible chains such as ETH/BSC/MATIC
    chain_id?: string,
    key?: string

// .bit API
class Das {
  constructor (source?: DasSource);

  // Returns the basic account info 
  account(account: string): Promise<AccountInfo>

  // Returns the record list for the given key of the .bit account
  // All records will return if the `key` is empty.
  records(account: string, key?: string): Promise<AccountRecord[]>

  // Get the reverse record of the given address
  reverseRecord(descriptor: KeyDescriptor): Promise<string>
  // Resolve the avatar of the given account
  getAvatar(): Promise<GetAvatarRes>

For more information, please see get-reverse-record-info


das.records(account: string, key?:string): Promise<AccountRecord[]>

Returns all the records for the given key.

All the records of the account will be returned If there is no key provided,

Empty list will be returned if there is no record for the key.

Unlike ENS, .bit allows users to set multiple records for the same key, so the result will always be a list.

Developers need to validate the validity of the result.

All the supported keys can be found here: record_key_namespace

The namespace for blockchains adheres to SLIP-0044

das.account(account: string): Promise

Returns basic info of an account, including avatar, manager/owner address.

das.reverseRecord(descriptor: KeyDescriptor): Promise

Return the reverse record(.bit Alias) of the given address. For more information, pleas checkout .bit Alias

das.getAvatar(account: string)

This function will resolve avatar of a specific account.


Initialize using official indexer

import Das from 'das-sdk'

const das = new Das({
  url: '',

Get all records for the key address.btc

das.records('dasloveckb.bit', 'address.btc').then(console.log)
// ==>
// [{
//   key: 'address.btc',
//   label: 'coinbase',
//   value: '',
//   ttl: 300,
//   avatar: '''
// }, {
//   key: 'address.btc',
//   label: 'onchain',
//   value: 'bc17890...zyx',
//   ttl: 300,
//   avatar: ''
// }]

Get the reverse record of an address/key.

  type: 'blockchain', 
  key_info: {
    coin_type: '714', // '714' for BNB
    chain_id: '56', // '56' for BSC
    key: '0x1d643fac9a463c9d544506006a6348c234da485f'
// => 'imac.bit'

Get account info of the account.

// ==>
// {
//   "account": "dasloveckb.bit",
//   avatar: '',
//   "account_id_hex": "0x5f560ec1edc638d7dab7c7a1ca8c3b0f6ed1848b",
//   "next_account_id_hex": "0x5f5c20f6cd95388378771ca957ce665f084fe23b",
//   "create_at_unix": 1626955542,
//   "expired_at_unix": 1658491542,
//   "status": 1,
//   "das_lock_arg_hex": "0x0559724739940777947c56c4f2f2c9211cd5130fef0559724739940777947c56c4f2f2c9211cd5130fef",
//   "owner_algorithm_id": 5, // 3: eth personal sign, 4: tron sign, 5: eip-712
//   "owner_key": "0x59724739940777947c56c4f2f2c9211cd5130fef",
//   "manager_algorithm_id": 5,
//   "manager_key": "0x59724739940777947c56c4f2f2c9211cd5130fef"
// } 

Get an account that is not exist.

// ==>
// ResolutionError {
//   code: 'UnregisteredAccount',
//     currencyTicker: undefined,
//     account: 'adasaccountwithoutanymeaningswhichisnotexist.bit',
//     method: undefined,
//     message: 'Account adasaccountwithoutanymeaningswhichisnotexist.bit is not registered',
// }

Error Handling

Please checkout ./src/errors for error descriptions.




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