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    Cypress Template Fixtures

    Allow using {{ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE}} in Cypress fixture files.


    Install this package by run npm i -D cypress-template-fixtures or yarn add -D cypress-template-fixtures.

    Add require('cypress-template-fixtures')(on, config); in the cypress/plugins/index.js.

    module.exports = (on, config) => {
        require('cypress-template-fixtures')(on, config); // Add this line
        return config;

    Also add cypress/fixtures.out/ into ignore list of you VCS. E.g. the .gitignore for Git.

    Write Fixtures with variables

    When writing a fixture data in cypress/fixtures, you can use environment variables. Put the environment variable name in between {{ and }}. Eg. {{NODE_ENV}} {{MY_VARIABLE}}.

    Provide Environment Variables

    Please refer to the doc here.

    1. From env field in cypress.json, don't have to use CYPRESS_ or cypress_ prefixes.
    2. From cypress.env.json, don't have to use CYPRESS_ or cypress_ prefixes.
    3. From command line or system environment variables, have to use CYPRESS_ or cypress_ prefixes.
    4. Using cypress-dotenv, have to use CYPRESS_ or cypress_ prefixes unless set the all parameter to true.

    Note, if you use cypress-dotenv make sure enable it before cypress-template-fixtures.

    module.exports = (on, config) => {
        config = require('cypress-dotenv')(config); // load .env before cypress-template-fixtures
        require('cypress-template-fixtures')(on, config);
        return config

    How it works

    1. When running cypress run or cypress open this plugin will copy all fixtures in cypress/fixtures into cypress/fixtures.out with sub-folders structure preserved.
    2. When copying text fixtures (.json, .js, .coffee, .html, .txt, .csv) the variables like {{MY_VARIABLE}} will be replaced with the related environment variable value like MY_VARIABLE.
    3. This plugin will also change the fixturesFolder config to cypress/fixtures.out so that cypress will use the fixtures there.


    For simplicity, change the fixtures after cypress open may not regenerated automatically, you should rerun cypress open.


    npm i cypress-template-fixtures

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