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Cyclist is an efficient cyclic list implemention.


Cyclist is an efficient cyclic list implemention for Javascript. It is available through npm

npm install cyclist

Cyclist allows you to create a list of fixed size that is cyclic. In a cyclist list the element following the last one is the first one. This property can be really useful when for example trying to order data packets that can arrive out of order over a network stream.

var cyclist = require('cyclist')
var list = cyclist(4)
list.put(42, 'hello 42') // store something and index 42 
list.put(43, 'hello 43') // store something and index 43 
console.log(list.get(42)) // prints hello 42 
console.log(list.get(46)) // prints hello 42 again since 46 - 42 == list.size 
  • cyclist(size) creates a new buffer
  • cyclist#get(index) get an object stored in the buffer
  • cyclist#put(index,value) insert an object into the buffer
  • cyclist#del(index) delete an object from an index
  • cyclist#size property containing current size of buffer