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This is the main package of the CxJS framework.

Cx is a feature-rich framework for building data-oriented web applications.

Cx is inspired by React and Angular and tries to offer the best features from both worlds. Out of the box, Cx provides:

  • a complete set of widgets
  • charts
  • two-way data-binding options
  • controllers
  • layouts
  • customizable appearance (Sass)

Cx is based on ES6 and JSX and requires babel-plugin-transform-cx-jsx. Cx widgets use React to render and update the DOM.

Getting Started

Demo Applications

Cx Starter Kit State of JS 2016 Explorer Tdo


The easiest way to set up a new Cx project is to use the Cx Command Line Interface.


Cx is free for to use for non-commercial purposes. Commercial use requires a license. Please refer to our website for more information.