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    Simple utility to customize your own scripts loader (for Node.js only).

    It lets you...:

    1. Set your own basepath for each loader you instantiate.

    2. Extend each loader to add new capabilities to it.

    3. Specify the paths through an array of strings, or through a string.

    1. Installation

      ~$ npm install customizable-loader

    2. Usage

    1. Import it in your code:

      var Loader = require("customizable-loader");

    2. Create your own custom loader

    You must specify the basepath of each loader, and optionally, a function that tells how to extend this custom loader:

        var MyLoader = new Loader(__dirname, function(loader) {
          loader.newFunctionality = "...";

    3. Use your own customized loader freely:

    1. You can resolve paths from strings:

       // This will return a string only:
       MyLoader.resolve("path", "to", "my", "script");
    2. Or you can directly include Node.js modules from strings:

      // This will return the Node.js module exported from the specified file:
      MyLoader.include("path", "to", "my", "script"); // This returns the Node.js module
    3. Also, you can pass directly the path you want in a string, and it will work the same:


    That is it.




    npm i customizable-loader

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