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This module provides a simple interface to the REST api, which is documented here:


npm install

Quick Start

// require the library
CustomerIO = require('')

// create an instance, passing your site id and API token
// (the details below are the correct length, but bogus)
cio = CustomerIO.init('e875a5078ea45334aa1e', 'ef4d25d4c2bae59b39ec')

// create a user with some initial properties
cio.identify('user_unique_id', '', {age: 26})

// update an existing user with new properties
cio.identify('user_unique_id', '', {age: 27, firstName: 'Liam'})

// track an event for a user, using the unique id you created them with
cio.track('user_unique_id', 'purchased', {price: 23.45})

Atribution and Thanks

Copyright © Liam Don 2012

Thanks to the folks at for their fine event-driven email service.


Released under the MIT license. See file called LICENSE for more details.