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A highly customizable JavaScript library that generates random IDs based on the required format. It uses the {{id_specification}} format to generate the kind of ID with varying length number or string or alpha-numeric string

Solves the problem of writing custom algorithms of generating random IDs of numbers or strings or alpha-numeric string. You can even generate a random phone number like +1-541-754-3010 or random anything in your desired format!


npm install custom-random-id

  • Small in size.
  • Fast. Better performance than most of the other ID generators.
  • URL safe characters. it uses only URL safe characters as it uses only numbers or capital letters or uuids to generate the IDs.
  • Client & Server. Can be used in client side and server side JavaScript applications.


const { IdGenerator } = require("custom-random-id");
// To generate a 5 digit random number
const ID = new IdGenerator("{{ number_5 }}");
let id = ID.getFinalExpression();
console.log(id); // => 56412
// To generate a 10 character random string
const ID = new IdGenerator("{{ string_10 }}");
let id = ID.getFinalExpression(); // => HYIOMNTRSJ
// To generate a 8 character random alpha numeric
const ID = new IdGenerator("{{ alpha_number_10 }}");
let id = ID.getFinalExpression(); // => JU78BH98
// To generate a uuid
const ID = new IdGenerator("{{ uuid }}");
let id = ID.getFinalExpression(); // => 5bc787b8-00ac-49ea-a970-2fca9ec737af


Format: "{{ type_count }}" where type and count are 2 separate entities. The whole expression has to be provided in string format only. Eg: "{{ number_10 }}"

  • type

    • string: Generates a string of the specified length.
    • number: Generates a number (integer) of a specified length.
    • alpha_number: Generates an alpha-numeric string (string of numbers and characters in caps) of a specified length.
    • uuid: Generates an uuid.
  • count: An integer number for the number of digits/characters to be present in the generated string.

"{{ string_10 }}";
// output: VVMTINCMBC
"{{ string_50 }}";
"{{ string_1 }}";
// output: K
// Single random Char
"{{ number_15 }}";
// output: 234112942672429
"{{ number_1 }}";
// output: 4
// This can be used to get a single random number
"{{ alpha_number_10 }}";
// output: KHT5N52J36
// To get a string having upper case characters and integer numbers
"{{ alpha_number_10 }}";
// output: KHT5N52J36
// To get a string having upper case characters and integer numbers
"{{ uuid }}";
// output: 43a629cf-661b-4d4c-b66e-16e6714f8732
// To get an unique string every time.

Creative Usage

Unlock your creativity by using the custom-random-id generator to generate strings of any required format by using multiple expressions in a string.

Generate an American Phone number
"+1 {{number_3}}-{{number_3}}-{{number_4}}";
// output: +1 941-626-2929
Generate phone numbers starting with only '7'
"+1 7{{number_2}}-{{number_3}}-{{number_4}}";
// output: +1 785-587-6616
Generate a string with 5 characters in the start and 5 numbers in the end
// output: LPDZW86423
Generate a string like a gun name
// output: AK-35
// output: AK-87
// output: AK-47
// .. etc
Generate a string with alternating character, number of length 5
// output: X9K5L
// output: E6S4W
Or any random combination like
// output: c1ed245a-18cb-4e8b-ad2f-db67f8fa4e09---68864---ULXCAKACQE


npm i custom-random-id

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