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This is a simple, easy, small, most customizable library for creating dynamic dialogs with angular. This can be easily handled by using a boolean with customizable header and body content.


$ npm install custom-angular-dialog --save

Import DialogModule into your AppModule so that your app knows how to render <app-dialog>.

  import { DialogModule } from 'custom-angular-dialog';
  import { NO_ERRORS_SCHEMA } from "@angular/core";

Then your app should look something like this:

<button (click)="showDialog = !showDialog">Open</button>
<label>Your Fav : {{tDialog}}</label>
<!-- dialog content -->

<app-dialog [(visible)]="showDialog" [width]="20" [height]="20" [headerColor]="'#34a0e7'">
<dialog-header>Alert !</dialog-header>
  <input placeholder="Trending Dialog ?" [(ngModel)]="tDialog" type="text" />
  <button (click)="showDialog = !showDialog">Close</button>

<dialog-header> ,<dialog-body>

Both are optional and each can be used alone.

Any HTML tags including <img>, <input>, etc... can be included inside

Input parameters [width] and [height].

Both are optional parameters and is defaulted to 20% both of whole dialog.

The values should be in percentage(%).

Parameter [headerColor]

Color is defaulted to 34a0e7.

It can be used to set the color of Default header and the color can be in names, or RGB, HEX, HSL, RGBA, HSLA values.

Update 3.0.0.

<app-dialog [(visible)]="showDialog" [width]="20" [height]="20" [headerColor]="'#34a0e7'" [closable]=true [draggable]=false [anchored]=false [resizable]=false >

Input parameters [closable] ,[draggable], [anchored], [resizable].

[closable] - It is property for default header. Close icon can be enabled and disabled using this parameter. Defaulted to true.

[draggable] - It is also a property of default header. Dialog can be dragged across the screen by dragging the header.It can be helpful when there is a need to read the contents below dialog window by moving it. Defaulted to false.

[anchored] - The dialog can be anchored to the screen and can only be closed by close icon or by [(visible)] parameter, it cannot be closed by clicking outside the dialog. It is useful when its mandatory to enter values or operations inside dialog. It will be effective when combnined with [closable]=false. Defaulted to false.

[resizable] - Dialog can be resized by dragging right corner of the dialog.Defaulted to true.

All above parameters are optional.Nested and multiple dialog is supported on and above 3.0.0 version.


npm i custom-angular-dialog

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