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Last updated : 10 FEB 2014

Table of Contents

  1. Proxy Settings

Proxy is required for Git, NPM and Bower to work properly.

For BKK site, can choose one of the following: Then set an HTTP_PROXY,HTTPS_PROXY environment variable to the proxy address.


Please ensure to include the http:// prefix, as some machines failed to recognize the proxy without it. Proxy settings may vary depending on your office location, please refer to network support team if you have encounter a connectivity problem.

  1. Git

Install the latest stable version of Git from Then setup proxy for Git via this command:

git config --global http.proxy http://proxy-ip:proxy-port ex.

Change the proxy-ip:proxy-port to a real proxy address, see Proxy Settings section for more info.

  1. Node.js

Install the latest stable version of Node.js from or call

  • npm install from your command line console

NPM (Node.js Package Manager, come with Node.js installation) recognize the proxy setting in HTTP_PROXY environment variable, so step 1 should suffice. ex.

  1. Bower

Bower is a Node.js module for downloading client-side dependencies.

Bower will autodownload and install in the 2 next steps.

  1. Grunt

Grunt is an awesome Node.js module for performing essential automation tasks.

Install via NPM:

  • npm install -g grunt-cli
  1. Eikon App Engine

OPR App runs based on Eikon App Server. For developemnt purpose, simulate local app server using grunt via step below

Installation You need GitHub account and permission. If not already have one, see Sign Up for GitHub.

  1. Open and login to GitHub,
  2. After logged in, navigate to curve project
  3. Click [Download ZIP] button at lower-right to download
  4. Extract the zip archive to somewhere in local drive (e.g. C:\option-pricer), this will be the root directory of your project
  5. Start Git Bash. See How to use Git
  6. Change directory to the root directory of your project (the one in step 4)
  7. Run git init command to convert into Git repository.
  8. Download/Prepare dependencies (both server-side and client-side) PS. Be able to run this command for the first time.
  9. Run "npm install" 10.Run "npm install -g grunt-cli" 11.Run "grunt prepare"

Setting Started

  1. For development testing, open the command line in option-pricer repsitory Run grunt server-dev
  2. For deployment testing, open the command line in option-pricer repsitory Run grunt deploy



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