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This package gets current weather data from Openweather API. It also can render data and create list with weather data in a html file.

It originally creates

  • tags where data shows. All you need to create your own html form (or take from a demo) and give some ID's to:
    • input element to get city name from user: name it as "cityID";
    • give ID "loading" to the progress bar from Bootstrap (div class="progress")
    • create 2 buttons with id's "submit" and "reset"

    You also may use this package just to het data from after ajax request. By default successful ajax request get data from Openweather as "data" object and start renderResults(data) function. You may want to create your own renderResults(data) function.

    This npm package was created as a school assignment. Do not expect to much from it. In case someone find it useful - you are welcome use it. Thanks!