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Curator.js is a flexible process monitoring and management framework written in coffeescript and run on top of node.js.

Curator provides interfaces to control and monitor processes and process groups. Each process is tied to an object called a "watch instance." Curator also provides a watchGroup object that represent a group of processes, which can be dynamically configured.


  • Designed to be extensible and flexible.
  • Asyc-style process management.
  • Access processes' stdin, stdout, and stderr streams. No need to implement IPC.
  • Custom conditions with timeline.


You can install Curator.js using npm.

npm install curator


Here is a simpliest task in Curator, creating a auto-restart job.

Curator = require 'curator'
myWatch = Curator.newWatch ->
  @name = 'my-watch-instance'
  @startCommand = 'some-command' # Change this as you like. 
  @on 'data'Curator.print # Print process' STDOUT. 
  @use Curator.autoRestart # Apply autoRestart module to this instance. 

Of course, you can also set @maxRetry if you like.

For more examples please see examples/*

Messing with the Code

The structure of the Curator project consists of three main parts: core, system, and modules. Core is the small set of code that implements watch and watchGroup. System is the part where Curator interacts with system level API like doing procfs lookups. Modules are parts that extend and define the behaviors of watch and watchGroup instances. You can easily extend Curator by writing custom modules.

Curator is written in coffee-script. All source code is located under src directory. After you make some change in src, you can rebuild all javascript files with cake build. Make sure you run vows to test out your change.


  • More elaborate API documentations.
  • Implement logging and better error handling.
  • Implement instance states: starting, running etc.
  • Make module helpers like do-once-per-lifecycle, do-on-starting etc.
  • Implement Apache MPM like dynamic control.


Curator.js is licensed under "MIT/X11" License, see LICENSE file.