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    Cucumber-React is a set of React components for rendering Gherkin documents and Cucumber results.






    These screnshots show the <GherkinDocumentList> React component, which is an accordeon of <GherkinDocument>.

    The <GherkinDocument> React component and any component nested within it (such as <Scenario>) can be rendered standalone.

    <GherkinDocument> features

    The <GherkinDocument> React component is instantiated with a single gherkinDocument prop. The value must be a GherkinDocument object. You can use the Gherkin parser to generate a GherkinDocument object.

    By default the <GherkinDocument> component will not display any coloured results, as the GherkinDocument message object does not contain results, only the AST of the document. This is fine for simple use cases where results are not important.

    To render a <GherkinDocument> with results and highlighted Cucumber Expression parameters parameters it must be nested inside a <CucumberQueryContext.Provider> component.

    Build / hack

    Install dependencies

    npm install

    Run tests

    npm test

    Interactive development

    npm run storybook


    ScenarioList component

    A component that renders a list of scenarios (possibly from multiple files, filtered by e.g. tag).

    This component could be used to render relevant scenarios in 3rd-party tools, such as JIRA, Confluence and various issue trackers that support plugins.

    Link to JIRA

    Configure with a regexp and url function, and tags will be rendered as JIRA issue links


    Search by tag, but also by text. Could use or - or it could simply perform filtering on an array of GherkinDocument messages.

    Search results

    Each scenario displayed underneath each other, grouped by feature file. The feature description is "collapsed", (unless it contains the search term) but can be opened.

    Filtering / sorting

    • by tag
    • by duration (find slow ones)
    • by status
    • by recency (update timestamp) - exclude old ones
    • by flickeriness

    Tag search

    • Render a tag cloud for all tags
      • Size: count
      • Color: pass/fail/undefined

    On-demand data

    For large reports (especially with screenshots) it may be too heavy to store it all in the browser. The GUI should request data for the current document on demand. The GUI should also be able to filter what kind of events it wants. For example, to render the initial screen.

    Server / App

    It should be easy to use. Just run the app (Electron). It will create a named pipe where it will listen. What's written here gets written straight to the React app (no websocket, it's in the same process). This app can be fairly small.

    Rerun tests

    Add a message to represent a config+cwd+env for a run, so the GUI can rerun it. The config is essentially command line options. They can be modified in the gui. Rerun on file change can also be set up. This just makes the whole DX simple.


    The app could use the OS to send screen messages (autotest like)




    npm i cucumber-react

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