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This is a library to the code that is easy to test the code hard to test.


This is a library to the code that is easy to test the code hard to test.

It is also possible to secretly substitute to mock a module code under test calls as brood parasitism of the cuckoo.

In addition, cuckoo can change untestable code (the local function and local variables that are not exported to the outside) to testable.

install cuckoo via npm first:

npm install cuckoo

and then include it in your project with:

var cuckoo = require('cuckoo');


var util = require('util')

function untestableMethod() {
  util.isArray([1, 2, 3]);

exports.testableMethod = function () {
  return 1;


var cuckoo = require('cuckoo')
  , assert = require('assert')
  , path = require('path')

describe('#untestableMethod', function () {
  it('should have set the array to util#isArray', function () {
    var target
      , mock = {}
      , filePath = path.resolve(__dirname, './target.js'); //filePath must be absolute

    mock.util = {
      isArray: function (ary) {
        assert.deepEqual([1, 2, 3], ary); // pass

    target = cuckoo.load(filePath, mock);

describe('#testableMethod', function () {
  it('should get 1', function () {
    var filePath = path.resolve(__dirname, './target.js');
      , target = cuckoo.load(filePath)

    assert.equal(1, target.public.testableMethod());

@param String filePath File path of the test target (must be absolute)

@param Object [mocks] replace mock when the require is called

@return Object

  context: "Variable object under test",
  private: "Variable object under test",
  public: "Public methods of test",
  module: "Module object under test"