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Cubes is an isometric graphics management library. It uses Isomer, but it's meant to offer higher level scene management.

Current Support

  • Frontend JS
  • Browserify

Planned Support

  • Full source
  • Minified distribution with sourcemap
  • Pull requests for other package managers are welcomed


  • 0.0 - Finished
    • Experimental status
  • 0.1 - Finished
    • Scene management
    • Depth sorting
    • Occlusion culling
  • 0.2 - Finished
    • Click detection
    • Scene editing API
  • 0.3 - Future
    • 3-axis slicing
    • 4-angle rotation
  • 0.4
    • Isometric color picker partial
    • Basic editor partial
  • 0.5
    • Transparent cubes
    • Backend rendering
  • 0.6
    • Large scene support


An example configuration, taken from the defaults:

  var canvas = document.getElementById('myCanvas');
  var cubes = new Cubes(canvas, {
    // This defines how much area is given to cube rendering and editing 
    x: 32,
    y: 32,
    z: 32,
    // Slow mode provides a visual example of how models are rendered. The value provided indicates milliseconds between each successive render. 
    slow: 10,
    // This determines how large the cubes and grid area are. 
    scale: 10.0,
    // This determines the center from which all graphics are drawn. This should be set to a sensible value, but if it isn't, it can be overridden. It is measured in pixels. 
    originX: null,
    // Also available is originY. It should also be set to a sensible default, but in case it isn't... 
    originY: null,
    // Toggles click detection for this instance of Cubes. 
    clickDetection: false,
    // Determines how different the sides of each cube of the same color are in lightness. 
    colorDifference: 0.10,
    // This is the position of the light source for lighting the scene. It's a directional light, so a larger number indicates the light is further away, but it is not a point light. 
    lightX: 3, lightY: -5, lightZ: 1,
    // Do you want a base plan upon which to build upon? No? Set it to false, then. 
    planeXY: true

Scene Management

Current methods:

  • insert()

This will return a special scene ID that's used internally by Cubes to keep track of cubes in a quickly accessible format. This will change if a different size cube area is specified. Please use x, y, & z format for storing and retrieving cube information.

Planned methods:

  • remove()
  • find()
  • edit()
  • export()
  • load()


A simple insert method in addition to color data.

    x: x,
    y: y,
    z: z,
    color: '#ff00ff'

Click Detection

Click detection must be enabled, using the clickDetection configuration property, as shown above., y);


  $('#myCanvas').on('click', function (evt) {, evt.offsetY);

Utility Methods

Some additional useful utility methods are available.

Random Colors



Be sure to see what's being done in the cubes-tests.js file. Tests can be run with Meteor installed and running the meteor test-packages ./ command.